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23 jan 2020 à 21:41 Delicious food. Reliable delivery. All good!
17 jan 2020 à 19:32 2ième commande. Tip top.
13 jan 2020 à 17:46 Delivered on time with nothing missing ! Pizza was really tasty and all the additional ingredients and everything were respected ! 100% would recommend this pizza place! Thank you xx
12 jan 2020 à 10:44 Ordered a pizza with pineapple, but there were literally no pieces on it. The shrimp pizza had barely shrimps on it.
12 jan 2020 à 0:59 Encore une fois de plus hyper déçus ! On a très faim, ok on est samedi 20:00 mais qd le site vous aiguille vers des restaurants capable de nous livrer en 20/30 min et bien on fonce! Résultat : 1h45min, pizza correctes mais tièdes, Pas d'explications !!!
11 jan 2020 à 22:37 I received my order after more than an hour and half. When i received the order, the food was cold and the pizza tasted very bad. I have eaten from this restaurant before but what they delivered was really bad.
11 jan 2020 à 20:59 Late delivery, mediocre pizza
11 jan 2020 à 19:46 Délicieux :)
11 jan 2020 à 10:08 It was delicious.
11 jan 2020 à 9:17 We where customers and never had problems. This last order it took way to much to arrive and when it finally arrived it was horrible. I have eaten frozen food with better quality. What happened with this place? It's sad, I have to find a new pizzaria.
10 jan 2020 à 12:57 Très bon Heure de livraison demandée respectée!